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Advertising Services

Ad server Rental (full server)

Tags Management.

Ad Tags management for your (& other) web sites

Streaming Server

Streaming Server rental

IPTV Services


Video Advertising Services

Banner and Video based advertising services. Ask about our other services.

HTML5 Banner Advertising

HTML5 is the latest update of the Hypertext Markup Language. It's the standard language used to describe the contents and design of web pages, including those that are responsive. HTML5 is important in online advertising, as it provides the flexibility to run banner ads across devices..

Instream Advertising

In-stream ads run on videos served on your webpages or on a collection of sites you control. These ads may also run on your videos that are embedded on other sites or apps. They can also appear on Android and iOS apps, and on connected TVs. Viewers can choose to skip the video ad after #' seconds. If they choose not to skip the video ad, the video view count will be incremented when the viewer watches 30 seconds of the video ad.

Outstream Advertising

Outstream ads are mobile-specific video ads that reach potential customers on partner sites. These ads can help increase brand awareness by getting your videos in front of more people. Outstream ads are designed specifically for mobile and tablet, so users can tap to play your video ad or easily scroll past when reading the latest news or shopping for products..

Site Take Over Advertising

Full-Page Takeover combines rich-media elements with lightning-fast video to create a high-visibility ad spot that delivers effective brand messaging and performance. Viewers can choose to skip the video ad after #' seconds. If they choose not to skip the video ad. The Ads generally closes at a specific time (10 seconds).

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